A cotton ball with rubbing alcohol can also help in these dire circumstances.

We all love suede shoes, jackets, boots and, really, any items that come in it. But, hands down, the worst part about owning suede accessories is keeping them in good shape. But follow these 6.

With all the suede shoes, even sandals, building up in my closet I've realized that I need to find a way to clean off the dirt, dust, scuffs, and even small spots.
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Mar 05,  · Suede is leather that has been stressed, torn, and distressed to get the classic felt-like look of suede. As the fabric is already
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Mar 05,  · Suede is leather that has been stressed, torn, and distressed to get the classic felt-like look of suede. As the fabric is already

We strongly recommend brushing with a suede brush before and after you spray it. If you spill liquid on your suede item, pat the area with a clean cloth or towel and then apply a layer of corn meal or talcum powder. Let it set overnight, and then brush the suede the following day with a suede brush to remove the dried powder.

Approach dried stains, like dirt, a little differently. For heavier stains, blot the stain using a small amount of white vinegar and a clean towel. Repeat for as long as necessary until you see your stain disappear.

This is a great way to get rid of both water and salt stains. Should your suede begin to look tired and flattened, scrub it with a clean toothbrush or terrycloth towel.

If all else fails, consider getting your shoes professionally cleaned. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. So, place a towel inside the shoes and spray a thin layer of water evenly on the surface of the shoes. Now, scrub the stained area with a nail brush. To make the stain marks fade, it is best to work around the edges of the stain, in particular. Then, blot the water with a damp cloth.

This is done to help the shoes dry evenly, thereby eliminating the chances of developing water stains. Allow the shoes to dry in a cool, well-ventilated area; do not place them in front of fire or direct heat as it may cause uneven drying. In addition, quick drying can leave the surface rough. Placing the shoes in bright sunlight is also not advisable as it shall fade the color. You can insert cedar shoe trees, though to ensure that the shoes dry evenly and stay in shape as well.

Finally, when the shoes dry completely, you can brush them using a suede brush. There are many great ways to clean suede shoes. This would be a simple eraser found on the back of any number 2 pencil. Try it out — cheap and effective! Thank you for the tips but my boots have faux fur on them. How do you recommend cleaning that? Great info though the suade looks amazing!!!

I thought my white suede boots were ruined and needed put out in the pasture then I found your website save me lots of money. Your email address will not be published. February 16, at 5: March 24, at 8:

Types of Suede Shoes. So before we start let get the basics out of the way. Knowing the different types of suede shoes there are on the market will steer you into the direction of the ones for you. Now you can get boots, shoes, trainers, plimsolls – the lot, in suede. Dec 18,  · To clean suede shoes, gently brush the shoes with a suede cleaning brush while the shoes are dry. Avoid getting the shoes wet or you could damage them. Once you've gotten off all the dirt and scuff marks with the brush, go back with a pencil eraser to remove any stubborn stains%(22). Though suede shoes should be protected from water still, if your shoes have gotten considerably wet in spite of all the precautions, then it is better to clean them with water. This advice surely seems counter-intuitive but it actually helps avoid water stains.