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An excellent option for protecting yourself in battle, the Arthur Padded Gambeson appears in a sleeveless vest design. Floral Print Padded Jacket.

If you just need a lightweight jacket, try our denim jacket options as well as our blazers and cropped jackets. But if you do need something more heavy-duty, for a ski trip or Alaskan getaway perhaps, then opt for our bombers, trench coats, puffers, and pea coats.
Hit the road in style, knowing you re fully protected and looking good. This Wilsons Leather jacket is constructed with strategic padding and fabric panels to keep you comfortable and safe.
Out with the old, in with the new. With fall in full swing, that chill in the air isn't going away anytime soon. So if you've yet to swap out your shorts.
Lightweight and casual, the denim jackets are a staple that can be coordinated with almost every outfit. Or exude chic fashion with bombers and classic leather teaming with jeans or dresses. Our season’s new range includes embroidered detailing and bold colours to sophisticated blazer jackets .
Women's Padded Jackets & Coats When temperatures dip and it's time to wrap up against the elements, Tommy Hilfiger's latest collection of women's padded coats will help you keep warm in style. Our iconic women's puffer coat is just the thing to help you face the cold winter months.
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Find mens padded jacket with leather shoulder at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of mens padded jacket with leather shoulder from the most.

Suede leather jackets are made using the softer underside of the hide, helping us to create a range of our most comfortable jackets.

These jackets come in distinctive colours and styles, allowing you to choose the one that suits your personal look. We sell everything from coats to blazers and distinctive mens leather jackets in colours including tan, black and blue. Shop online today to find your next hidden gem. Good leather jacket care will keep your jacket in top condition for years.

The ageless class of the black leather jacket means that it has never lost its…. Every man needs a leather jacket. Please Hold Your Iron Horses. You've been sitting idle, so we've ended your session to protect your personal details.

Continue as guest Sign in. Yes, keep me signed in No, sign me out. Prices at local dealerships may vary. Sign in below or continue as a Guest. If you just created a new Account,you'll receive a confirmation email shortly. Arthur Suede Gambeson Set. Made of high-quality materials, the Arthur Suede Gambeson Set includes a vest, tassets, and matching long sleeves.

With protective polyester padding and an inner cotton lining, this gambeson set is ideal for wearing under armour.

It is the Viking dream to die nobly in battle, but tripping on your pants and landing on your sword will not get you into Valhalla. The Asgard Viking Winingas are designed to keep the pants against the shins so you can battle unhindered.

Canvas Hamond Arm Wraps. Any adventurer knows that there are few things as obnoxious as an open sleeve cuff getting in the way of the hand, impeding combat or climbing. Luckily, the Canvas Hamond Arm Wraps are here to guard against exactly that issue and more! Canvas Hamond Leg Wraps. When you are running through the forest trying to escape the enemy, the last thing you want is to trip on your pants or leave a blood trail from your bramble-beaten shins.

This is exactly what the Canvas Hamond Leg Wraps are here for! Crusader Upper Leg Padding. The Crusader upper leg padding provides padding to the thigh area and laces up in the back of the leg for adjustability. The Crusader upper leg has a re-enforced knee made of leather to prevent damage to the knee or tearing of the pad. Sometimes, when out questing, all that heavy steel plating can be a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable. In times like these, the best place to be is within the safe padding of an article of clothing like the Diana Gambeson.

Our gambeson is of a type worn from the early middle ages well on through the Renaissance. The Early Gambeson is also typically worn under plate armour to prevent the armour from pinching your skin when in motion.

A gambeson would be worn either separately or in combination with maille or plate armour. Our gambeson is made of fine quilted canvas that will both protect and provide an accurate period outfit for re-enacting. Gladiator Padded Arm Guard. Not all armor is made of leather and metal. The gladiators, particularly, were known for wearing cloth armor, like this Gladiator Padded Arm Guard, to provide a degree of protection while still preserving the warriors agility.

Wearing armour in battle can lead to uncomfortable rubbing and pinching. Increase the comfort of your re-enactment gear by adding the Gustav Gambeson, which provides a layer of sturdy padding between you and your armour. To achieve status as a legendary warrior, you need to be able to move comfortably in your medieval armour. The Imperial Gambeson covers your arms, neck, and torso down to the hips, keeping your armour from pinching or rubbing.

Keep yourself comfortable and safe underneath your armour with the Leopold Gambeson. Made of canvas with polyester padding, this arming jacket features versatile short sleeves, a stylish high collared neck, and five adjustable straps. Experienced warriors know the value of good armour padding, which can mean the difference between comfort and chafing or pinching.

The Leopold Padded Bracers will keep your forearms in good shape while you trounce the enemy. The Leopold Padded Greaves will keep your lower legs in good shape while you trounce the enemy. Featuring a high-quality suede exterior, the Leopold Suede Gambeson is a fine arming jacket perfect for wearing underneath various armoured looks. This gambeson features versatile short sleeves and a fashionable high collar.

Leopold Suede Padded Bracers. Increase the comfort and fit of your bracers while avoiding unnecessary pinching, scratching, and bruising. Leopold Suede Padded Greaves. While a good suit of armour is necessary on the LARP battlefield, the armor itself can create uncomfortable pinching and bruising. Enhance the effectiveness, comfort, and fit of your leg armour with the Leopold Suede Padded Greaves. Staying mobile in battle is critical, which makes leg protection like the Leopold Thigh Padding an essential piece of your re-enactment gear.

The arming wear offers comfort, making it easier to wear full leg guards for longer. When you are choosing your medieval armour, make sure you do not forget to pick out appropriate pieces of padded arming wear like the Light Sleeveless Gambeson to improve comfort and protect against rubbing, chafing, and pinching. This style of gambeson has strap-and-buckle front closures and open armpits, providing mobility and ventilation without over-compromising protection.

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Product Features Perforated padded panels integrated into main shell and sleeves for improved. FAUX LEATHER PADDED JACKET. Contact; Product search Search. Press enter to go to the search tool. Go to the category menu. FAUX LEATHER PADDED JACKET Details. Black - / Faux leather padded jacket with hood and long sleeves. Front zip closure and pockets. 2. . FAUX LEATHER PADDED JACKET. Contact; Product search Search. Press enter to go to the search tool. Go to the category menu. FAUX LEATHER PADDED JACKET Details. Black - / Jack with round neck and long sleeves. Front zipper closure. Front pockets with zipper closure. Elasticized cuffs.